Extra Credit Post #2: Hoverboards

Yesterday night all LMU students received an email regarding hoverboards from the Office of Public Safety. It stated that “Due to the recently reported safety concerns, at the conclusion of the Fall semester on Friday and until further notice, hoverboards are not allowed on the LMU campus, including in LMU residence halls and apartments. If you presently possess a hoverboard, please take it with you … More Extra Credit Post #2: Hoverboards

Site Presentation.

http://www.upworthy.com/ Background  http://www.upworthy.com/about Design  -Look and feel http://www.upworthy.com/van-goghs-starry-night-was-re-created-with-bacteria-its-as-cool-as-it-sounds -Tone http://www.upworthy.com/an-snl-comedian-stars-in-a-video-that-perfectly-sums-up-why-gender-equality-is-a-big-deal?c=tpstream. Content  -Editorial Flow -Photography -Sourcing -Multimedia Social  -promoting through social media platforms -community tools Data and Facts  -site history -founders -traffic (image from quantcast.com) US mobile web (77%)  online (23%) Global mobile web (75%) online (25%) in the month of November- 38 million visits 43 … More Site Presentation.


Although we were unable to finish Citizen Four this past week in class there are many things that could tie into the #paris discussion. Under the codename “Citizenfour”, former NSA intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who first made contact with filmmaker Lauren Poitras, sought her help in exposing proof of the government’s indiscriminate gathering … More #paris.

Missouri Media.

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of talk surrounding UM’s (University of Missouri’s) racial incidents on campus. Amongst these scandals, there are two articles that I found that show the role of social media and mainstream media’s coverage of these events. The first article is about how one professor who refused … More Missouri Media.

GOP- Live Tweets

October 28, 2015. This was the third round of the Republican presidential debate and we, as a class, had the opportunity to experience, for those who have not done so before, our first live tweeting session. In my opinion, this was a bit of an overwhelming experience but not in a bad way. It was … More GOP- Live Tweets

Data Journalism.

Reading the first sentence of Paul Bradshaw’s “What is Data Journalism” that states “What is data journalism? I could answer, simply, that it is journalism done with data. But that doesn’t help much.” I thought that this was spot on. But like all the other readings I have read throughout my college career, there is … More Data Journalism.

Distant Witness

Over the course of this long weekend, I have read Andy Carvin’s book “Distant Witness” from cover to cover. Although this book was very dry and not the most appealing book, I am still in shock at the amount of violence and gore that Andy had witnessed JUST through video. Reading the book was definitely … More Distant Witness