Hello world!

My name is Prianka Patel and I am a senior English major at Loyola Marymount University. I am full Indian and can speak three languages; English, Gujarati, and Hindi. Contrary to my small frame, I am very much into fitness and love being outdoors. I have an obsession with all things holistic and recently have gotten into crystals and crystal healing. I come from a very large family and am always showered with their love and support. My father and brother are avid travelers and have inspired me to seek wanderlust whenever possible. I am also a die hard Diplo/Major Lazer fan.

Why do I want to be a journalist?

Ever since I was in high school I had had the dream of working for BBC news. Watching Babita Sharma, my idol, was my favorite time of day and I knew that with a little bit of perseverance and determination, I could one day be like her. Fast forward a couple of years to a life awakening trip to Istanbul, and I decided that my true calling was not journalism, but marketing and PR. That doesn’t mean that I am not interested in this class, in fact, I admire those who stick with journalism and have a thriving passion as I once did, however, this is not my true calling. What does excite me most about today’s digital media environment is the ability to obtain information within seconds. You no longer need to wait for the 5’o clock news or read the morning newspaper, but can go online or even on your smartphone and see what is going on with just a click of a button. The ability to share photos via Instagram and Snapchat also excites me, although I am not sure that that counts.

Of course, this ability to obtain information so quickly is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing, with all of these newfound studies on addictions to our smartphones and tablets. People are always stuck behind their devices and waiting for new information or photos to emerge that sometimes they do not realize that there is a whole world outside of it, and that to me is very scary.


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