Blogs. They are a modern-day diary for people of all ages. Whether you are thirteen years old venting to the world about your constant daily struggles or sharing tips on how to make the perfect lasagne, it seems like blogs are like twitter only with no character limit. Today blogging is slowly evolving into a literary form that is much bigger than this, however. It is a means or social media platform to that enables people to express themselves however they choose to use it. It is a way for a person to connect with its audience, and the interaction between a blogger and its readers evoke a sort of visceral and sometimes brutal reaction.

Isn’t everything a blog? Not really in my opinion. Yes, they’re are many different social media platforms that are used for self-expression such as Twitter as mentioned in the text, however, I do not believe that everything is a blog. To me, a blog is not only just a photo or thought posted on the web like Instagram or twitter, but also persons inner thoughts. Then again I guess you could argue that it is because people have blogs devoted simply for photos, quotes, etc. I think that this could be a very open ended/up to your own interpretation kind of question.

What isn’t a blog?

-a site that is not frequently updated

-does not have a comment or feedback option at the bottom of each post, unless of course that feature is enabled by the blogger

-does not have a headline or body for each post

-does not contains links, photos, or any other digital component anywhere on the blog


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