Digital Native

The impact of technology on our society is alarming. With numerous gadgets such as the Ipad, Iphone, mac computer,  apple watch, you can pretty much always be in the loop with what is going on in the world without absolutely no trouble, however as long as your battery is charged. Going to Loyola Marymount has definitely not made being technology-free easy and unfortunately, I too contribute to being a digital native. I am constantly on my phone or laptop checking emails, looking at Facebook or twitter, Instagramming photos, or doing a simple google search if something pops up in my mind. My mind is always constantly on the move, racing to find information fast and to entertain myself so I am not bored. I find it hard to not have these devices with me, slight nomophobia problem, but nonetheless have realized that after listening to the CBS program that this is not something to be proud about or think that I am superior to my parent because I can multitask. In fact, they were right saying that you must do one task at a time in order to give it your full attention and dedication. In terms of how these ideas of being a digital native are located in time, I would say that although these ideas were written a couple of years ago that they are definitely true. For example in the video numerous professor talked about how students need to have the lectures being engaging otherwise they will not pay attention. I for one can relate because if a professor is just sitting at the front and talking there is a high chance that you will lose me half way through the class. A principal of a Bronx school even mentioned in the video that kids need to be problem solvers while also being fluent in internet education. They should have access to technology, it’s like oxygen, it would make school more engaging and make more sense if they have access to technology.


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