Growing up my father had always been on my case about multi-tasking. He would say that us millennials are so into our technology and having everything at our fingertips that we think that we can multi-task with no issues, but in reality it is making us slower. I knew that multi-tasking is a thing that your parents warn you about, or at least in my friend circle it is, exclaiming how it is virtually impossible to do, but I never really took into account how often we do it. Last week I watched Frontline’s: The Digital Nation video and was blown away by how accurate it was. The video was focused around I believe another video study taken in 2007 called “Growing up Online.” I found the summary of that video to be interesting in that it showcased how even though you and your family are all in the same house, you are still in different worlds. By having all this technology you are no longer interacting with each other face to face but on our devices. It is a huge downfall today and I definitely feel that I have a big part in this. I feel that we have put this barrier between us and the real world and in the film, someone was even quoted saying that “Well over half my life is consumed with and in the digital world.” Scientists are even now have come up with a new term for not having such digital devices on you, called Nomophobia, something that I had touched on in one of my Twitter posts. As I continued to watch the narrator talked about “Digital Nation” the name of the documentary and discussed numerous topics and studies that she was able to sit in on. One that really stood out to me and made me have a serious revelation about technology and multi-tasking was a study done at Stanford where students were asked to do a single activity on a computer, and then to multi-task while the researchers studied their brain activity. What they found, and what was a shock to the student in the study was that the brain was moving significantly slower when moving between two or more tabs on the computer. The video also went into talking about how students need to be engaged in learning otherwise they will not listen, something that I know far too well as I admit that I am one of those to send out emails or look at websites while “listening” to a lecture. I learned that multitaskers are indeed terrible at every aspect of multitasking. They get distracted easily and their memory is very disorganized. In summary, this documentary has really opened my mind to the effects of multitasking and the harm it causes more that the good. I would love to talk more about everything else that was touched on, including the free internet rescue camp in South Korea and the teachings of technology, however, there is not enough time or space. Perhaps in class?


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