Free Culture

This weeks reading on Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig was by far one of the more frustrating and complicated readings we have had this semester. It wasn’t  just the writing style and the concept that was hard for me to understand but more the fact that it took him more than ten pages to get to the whole purpose of the book, which I am still confused about. It could be because of the lack of sleep these past couple of days due to midterms, however, at the beginning of the book he states “ Free Culture-How big media uses technology and the law to lock down culture and control creativity. That makes sense to me. What didn’t however was why he took so long to get to the point of copywriting and rights management. However, I digress from the question at hand. The question asked for this specific blog is: what are the implications of these new tools for rights, rights management, copyright? DRM also known as digital rights management is basically used to try to prevent piracy, but it has other consequences as well such as an increase in piracy, obsolescence and internet outages. Mentioned at the end of the intro, Lawrence talks about the purpose of his book which centers around the two main struggles, piracy and property. I think that he is right when he says that we need to just let things pan out slowly through time and that “Rather than understanding the changes the Internet might permit, and rather than taking time to let “common sense” resolve how best to respond, we are allowing those most threatened by the changes to use their power to change the law—and more importantly, to use their power to change something fundamental about who we have always been.” With copyright, I think that people don’t really understand that this is a really big issue and that people can actually go to jail if you do not properly attribute your sources. in terms of answering the second question though I think that I would need to discuss it as a class to understand what constitutes as copyright and what doesn’t because know they have share videos and sometimes it does not say where the original video was from and also with music I am not really sure how that works as it was not mentioned in the required reading. Something to definitely mention in this upcoming class!


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