Distant Witness

Over the course of this long weekend, I have read Andy Carvin’s book “Distant Witness” from cover to cover. Although this book was very dry and not the most appealing book, I am still in shock at the amount of violence and gore that Andy had witnessed JUST through video. Reading the book was definitely an intense experience at points just with the descriptions alone  of the bodies being mutilated and decapitated, yet it made me think of how video has substantially changed the journalism landscape. With video, we are able to access a world that for a lot of people are not able to visit due to violence and corruption. Through these videos, we are able to see a part of the world that is inaccessible and to realize the struggles that people are facing around the globe. This is an everyday life for these people in the Middle East and just to read, not even watch the video of what they endure on a daily basis is enough for me to want to take action against these people causing crimes and injustice. In addition, I think that video has changed the journalism landscape in that it can help people understand things that are going on in the world, get a better sense of what people’s daily life are like, and how most importantly people risked their lives to make a change in the world. That is the biggest impact it has made. To see people die to make a change in the world. To leave their mark on the world as a hero, as Carvins daughter had mentioned.


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