Extra Credit Post #1:

Last year I had the opportunity to go to Cuba with my family over the summer. It was not a religious or philanthropic trip, but a trip in which we could, as a family, could change our outlook on life. It was a troubling time for my father, as his mother had recently passed away. He had always spoke about how he would love to take her there yet would never get the chance due to her health issues. Reading today’s BBC News headlines and seeing that the US and Cuba have reached an understanding on resuming regular commercial flights between the two countries, it only made me wonder if my dad would choose to whisk her on a place and take her sometime in the near future, as he had done so with India in the past, despite her physical ailments.

In this article, it talks about the significant move for both countries and that although the idea is out there it may take a longer time than expected. “Thousands of Americans are already visiting the island and hotels and hostels are booked for months. But those travelling have to do so using difficult to book charter flights or via third countries. A formal agreement could mean more than a dozen flights arriving into Cuba from the US a day, officials said.”

In one of the most significant steps taken towards the relationship between Cuba and the US, this brings nothing but a smile to my face.

***Side note on the photographs used in the article: Utilizing Americans riding in vintage cars was a nice touch as this is one of the many things Cuba is known for. They pride themselves on these cars and is a major tourist attraction to ride along the famous Malecón. 





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