Extra Credit Post #2: Hoverboards

Yesterday night all LMU students received an email regarding hoverboards from the Office of Public Safety. It stated that “Due to the recently reported safety concerns, at the conclusion of the Fall semester on Friday and until further notice, hoverboards are not allowed on the LMU campus, including in LMU residence halls and apartments. If you presently possess a hoverboard, please take it with you when you leave for break or remove it from your on-campus residence hall or apartment.”

Recently in the news, there have been a number of articles concerned with the risk of fires caused by these hoverboards. Amongst these is this BBC article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/35109590/whats-wrong-with-hoverboards-and-what-to-do-if-youve-got-one

This article has claimed that earlier this month, the London Fire Brigade said, at least, three house fires were caused by such devices over 10 days in October. Their government has warned consumers to “think twice” about buying them because of fears over imitation devices being sold at discount prices. If anything does go wrong the shop which sold you a board is responsible for any injuries, which is why lots of places have stopped selling them.

In terms of LMU, the university has decided to take this action out of concern for the safety of the community. With the reports of fires caused by hover boards, LMU, along with several other universities, believes this is an appropriate step to take. During the holiday break the university will further review and study the issue with the intention of providing students with an update at the beginning of the spring semester.

Seeing as many of my friends like to use their hoverboards to get around campus,  I find this to be very interesting on what their takes will be. In terms of our class, however, I bring us this issue because in terms of the media coverage I haven’t really seen an insane amount of coverage or mention to it on social media. I feel like this could be something that will be talked about more in the coming weeks. Whether the fires are caused by not buying the typical $1,000+ boards or having faulty wires to begin with, hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon as I can see havoc breaking loose on the LMU campus, as finals week is coming to a close.




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